127 Hours (2010)

127 HoursReleased: January 28, 2011Director: Danny BoyleStars: James Franco, Amber Tamblyn, Kate MaraRuntime: 94 min.

This review was written sometime in July 2012.

A good three-word-review of this would be: so damn boring.

This was just a little disappointing, as it turned out to be a sort-of docudrama that has an inspiring story, sure, but it’s incredibly slow.
Aron Walston is a man who loves adventures, mountain climbing especially. After Walston gets trapped under a rock in a Utah canyon, he has to survive on little water, and hope.

Some aspects of the film are interesting, like the true story appeal. However, many just watch it for something he has to eventually do. A lot of people know what that it is, but in case you don’t, I won’t spoil it.

I can comprehend the achievement it is because it has stellar direction from Danny Boyle, impressive cinematography, a great leading performance from James Franco who carries the film very well, because for 85% of it, he’s the only one on camera. It is also very well-made and has an extremely inspiring story and is a great testament of the lengths one would go to to survive. However, it didn’t do anything for me but almost lullaby me to sleep.

I’d recommend it to those who like to have new cinematic experiences, and insomniacs, check this out!

It gets a mediocre score of 61 from me because of its impressive cinematography, direction, and the way Franco carried the film. However, I think it’s one of the most boring films I’ve ever seen. Thinking back to this, it’s putting me in a comatose state.

Score: 61/100

23 thoughts on “127 Hours (2010)

      1. To be fair we wouldn’t be stupid enough to get stuck, actually I probably would. Actually I have had my hand kind of wedged in a Pringles tube for half an hour now haha getting the pen knife xD

      2. I sure won’t, mostly because I never mountain climb! I’d probably get my fingers stuck in one of those big American bowling balls…

        HAHAHA, that’s why you put the remaining few chips in a bowl! Silly Tim, hahaha!

  1. Ouch, I loved this movie, and even though I currently only have 100% on one movie, this might make another perfect score…but I’d have to see it again

    1. Haha, Inception deserves that 100. Glad you liked this 😀 It seems I’m alone on not loving it, one man island! If you liked this… Did you ever see Buried?

    2. Boom – just watched it again, and it has received my second 100% score – out of almost 500 entries now. I completely forgot I told you this might make a perfect score, and it did. Wow

  2. I loved this movie. But I couldn’t relate to the fact of not telling anyone where you’re going.

    I make sure people in the house know when I’m going to the bathroom, in case they’re looking for me. 😐

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