Cloverfield (2008)


Release Date: January 18, 2008

Director: Matt Reeves

Stars: Mike Vogel, Jessica Lucas, Lizzy Caplan

Runtime: 85 min

Tagline: Some thing has found us

Older review, written November 26, 2012. 

You all know how these found footage feautures work, right? Something attacks, everyone (probably) dies. Yup. That’s it, that’s all. That’s all she wrote.

Cloverfield revolves around a monster attack in New York as told from the point of view of a small group of people.

The cinematography is about as shaky as that of The Blair Witch Project. The story may not be that realistic, but it is still a pretty scary idea. Imagine this: You’re just partying, having a good time, and then there’s a crash outside. You go out to investigate, and there’s a big monster out there, and you think to yourself, “Holy crap! I thought I was in New York, not Tokyo!”

What if you get separated by your family and friends? You might not see them anymore because of this. That’s a scary thought.

Anyways, it’s action-packed and sort of thrilling, but at times it gets boring. I don’t dig these traditional stories that most found footage films offer. The formula is tired, and footage should just get sweeped under the rug for a little while. This one is just okay, but it brings a belief to so many other new filmmakers: “Hey, I could get a few million bucks and make my own movie… I’ll do that… It’ll be good…” No, young filmmakers, the joke’s on you! Once in a blue moon, a found footage horror flick is actually good. They’re usually bad, and you’ll probably produce that crappy one. So don’t. Please. At least for another ten years.


Did you know? The film begins on April 27 and ends on May 23 at the exact same time: 6.42 AM.

22 thoughts on “Cloverfield (2008)

  1. Good review Daniel. Very intense movie, however the special-effects aren’t always what keeps it going. Still, it really was a great ending and I actually wouldn’t mind a sequel to this as I feel like they have room for more, promising material. However, the shaky-cam trend is starting to die now so many it wouldn’t be the best time.

    1. Thanks! I didn’t love it, but I’d check out the sequel. Maybe when found footage flicks begin to trend again. The only found footage flick I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, at least that I can think of, is Chronicle.

  2. Chronicle is awesome.

    But I dunno, I really liked Cloverfield. Sure, it’s a found footage movie, but what I liked best was the perspective. It’s not about the military or the unlikely hero. It’s just a group of people trying to survive the shit storm. I also don’t remember the shaky cam stuff being too jarring, but I put up with that more than a lot of people.

    1. The perspective is great. The only time I remember the cam being extremely shaky is when they were on the bridge and when they were running on the street. I’m glad you liked it more than I, if there is a sequel, I’ll try to have a more open mind for it.

  3. I remember seeing at the theater back in January of 2008. I was intrigued by the marketing campaign. I have to say, I really enjoyed it – especially for a January release, which are usually horrible. The Devil Inside anyone?

      1. Seriously? man in theaters with Cloverfield, I was nearly peeing in my seat I couldn’t maintain my excitement. It was like…Inception-esque

      2. If i see the trailers, I’ll probably get excited. LOL. Maybe I wasn’t in the mood when I watched it, I think I should revisit it because it seems so many people enjoyed it more than I.

      3. Tell you what, if you were in any kind of mood, that could have done it. Be completely open minded, and realized it was J.J. Abrams, a freakin GOD, for months people thought the movie was another secretive Godzilla movie, because they knew it was a monster film. The way it was done was still in the beginning stages of found-footage being actually, genuinely cool.

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