Box Office New Releases Results October 12 – 14

My guesses/Actuals 

Argo: $34 million/$20.12 million (off by a large $13.88 million)

Sinister: $30 million/$18.25 million (off by a large $11.75 million)

Here Comes the Boom: $20 million/$12 million (off by $8 million)

Seven Psychopaths: $4 million/ $4.275 million (off by $275,000)

I was off by a total $33, 905, 000.

I wasn’t bad at all for estimating Psychopaths, my estimation for Boom wasn’t horrendous, but my estimations for Sinister and Argo were. Next week I’ll make a top 10 box office estimation.

You can check out my review of Argo by clicking here; and expect my review of Seven Psychopaths either later today or tomorrow, but tomorrow (usual time) seems more likely.

You can check out how every other film in theatres did, on, by clicking here.

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