Hey you guyssss! *Electric Company Voice* Here’s just a little announcement.

I’ve decided to just announce which times and stuff you should expect posts (all times are EDT in summer; and EST in winter).

Guaranteed reviews for the day will be scheduled to be up by 12:16 P.M.; celebrity birthdays will be up by 3:16 P.M. (if there’s anyone famous I like enough to write about); and bonus reviews should be expected at 6:16 P.M. if there are any that day. And every Sunday, the reviews for the upcoming week schedule should be expected at 8 P.M. And then news and stuff will just appear randomly. 

The number 16 is my favourite number, and I think the three hour space between posts won’t clutter anyone’s news feed.

And I’ll like to take this time to thank my followers (I know I don’t have a lot) and those who just stop by to read my blog, it really means a lot for you guys to read my writing. And don’t be afraid to leave any feedback; or to tell your friends. Thank you everyone.

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