Interview: Karl Holt – Director, Writer and Star of “Benny Loves You”

On today’s episode of The Filmcraziest Show, I was able to speak with Karl Holt – the star, writer and director – about his new horror comedy, Benny Loves You, about a man named Jack (Holt) who throws out his beloved plush from when he was a child in an effort to move on with his life and “grow up” after the gnarly death of his parents.

This proves to be a costly mistake as Benny comes to life after being abandoned, and starts taking matters of aggression into his own plush hands and causing problems for Jack, all in a film that feels inspired by parts Child’s Play, part Gremlins, and part The Muppets all in one. The film also stars Claire Cartwright, George Collie and James Parsons.

In the episode, we chat about all the roles that Karl handles, the great way the lightning in the film is created, how Benny acted on set and designing the character, what it was like doing the special effects for a small indie and the long post-production process, as well as learning things from YouTube for the film, as well as Karl’s inspiration behind the film, and hanging onto your inner child.

You can listen to the podcast below or go here to download it. As well, check out the YouTube version below! As well, Benny Loves You is now available on iTunes and Apple TV.

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