Interview – Christo Brock for “Brewmance” (The Filmcraziest Show)

Even if you don’t drink beer, it’s everywhere. That’s something Christo Brock’s new documentary, Brewmance, understands. The film is a love letter to craft brewing and to craft beer. It’s become a global thing and we see that as two groups of home brewers in Long Beach, California, who are trying to open their own breweries. Also featured in the documentary are interviews with iconic brewers with Ken Grossman, Charlie Papazian, Jim Koch and others, as they tell us a bit of the history of craft beer.

I was able to chat with writer, director and producer Christo Brock on today’s episode of The Filmcraziest Show where we chatted about why Christo wanted to make this documentary about beer, his own experience with craft brewing, being an indie producer and making your film stand out – especially when it comes to branding. We also discuss having a former band member of Reel Big Fish as one of the main documentary subjects, as well as some of Christo’s best beers and his first beer. There’s much more, too. 

You can listen to the interview above or download it here(I’ll be posting the video version tomorrow.) Brewmance starts streaming today on digital formats wherever you get your films (some options are available here). You can visit the film’s website here, too, where it has an online store selling Brewmance merchandise. 



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