American Pie 2 – A Film review by Daniel Prinn — What the heck, was this Pie baked in an Easy Bake Oven?


American Pie 2

Release Date: August 10, 2001

Director: J.B. Rogers

Stars: Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Shannon Elizabeth

Runtime: 108 min

Tagline: It’s time for a second helping.

It’s not an excellent sequel.

The film is a mediocre comedy sequel that continues to display the antics of Jim and his friends, and Stifler, when they reunite after their first year of college and go to a vacation house for the summer to impress chicks.

It’s okay for a sequel, not passable but not the worst I’ve ever witnessed, but it is pretty predictable and really rather forgettable. Some of the gags are pretty funny, but others are a little tasteless and tired. I can’t say I really loved it on a high level, but I didn’t despise it, it did give me a few laughs, but I really can’t remember what they were. A good comedy to me is that one that’s memorable and I can just chuckle by thinking back at it. This one, is not really one of those films.

The whole crew is back for this one and all the likeable characters, but at the odd time they can get a bit annoying.

Give it a watch if you liked the first one, it can be a moderately enjoyable time, it’s satisfying enough; but there are funnier films out there, and it really is a second slice of Pie that could have been baked much better.



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