“Drive All Night” Interview | Sarah Dumont | The Filmcraziest Show

Here’s the last of my interviews in my series of interviews for the neo-noir Drive All Night, an ambitious, bizarre and fascinating San Jose-set film about taxi driver, Dave (Yutaka Takeuchi), driving around with a mysterious passenger named Cara (Lexy Hammonds) without a destination in sight.

Sarah Dumont also stars in the film as Morgan, a waitress at a local diner who is a friend of Dave’s and is a grounding force in the film, and Dumont is today’s guest on my podcast The Filmcraziest Show. In the conversation, we chat about what attracted her to the script, playing against typecasting, the way she approaches acting and how she doesn’t like to over-rehearse, working with the rest of the cast though she only filmed for a night; as well as her experience on The League, a bit about her modeling career, favourite video games and who she would like to take a taxi ride with. There’s a lot more in between.

You can find the conversation below, go here to download it, and check out the YouTube version of the conversation, as well. Drive All Night is also currently playing as part of CAAMFest until Sunday, May 23 (the film’s ticket page can be found here). You can find my other trio of interviews for Drive All Night at the following links: My conversation with Lexy Hammonds here, my conversation with Yutaka Takeuchi here, and my conversation with writer and director Peter Hsieh right here.

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