Interview: Daniel Edelstyn, co-director and producer of the new documentary “Bank Job” (The Filmcraziest Show, Hot Docs)

In this episode of The Filmcraziest Show, I spoke with Daniel Edelstyn, one of the directors and producers of the new documentary Bank Job, which is premiering as a part of the Hot Docs Film Festival. The film was filmed over five years and is about a filmmaking duo – a husband-and-wife team of Edelstyn and Hilary Powell – who educate themselves and their community in financial literacy as they build their own bank with a goal of helping alleviate some debt in the U.K.

In the episode we chat about some of the inspirations for the film (like The Italian Job), the original thought of wanting to have a superhero saving debt instead of building a bank, how the pair of filmmakers explained certain concepts, designing the money and getting community support and bringing them into the film, as well as vodka empires and the Ukrainian mafia, potential sequels and much more in between.

You can listen to the episode directly below (or go here to download it) and check out the YouTube video, too!

Here is a link for the film’s page at this year’s Hot Docs Film Festival, which runs from April 29 to Sunday, May 9. 

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