Site name change from Daniel’s Film Reviews to Filmcraziest

Hey all,

Thought I’d make a post just letting everyone know I’m changing the name of my blog to Filmcraziest, so if you stop by and notice there’s no big green logo saying Daniel’s Film Reviews, you’re still in the right place.

I’ve always thought of it as Daniel’s Film Reviews, but the URL has always been anyway, so I thought after all these years it would make more sense to put it under one name… So, Filmcraziest it is!

You’ll also notice that the new URL is, as well. I should be getting a logo for with the new name in the coming weeks, but for now it’s just a basic header. I’ll be choosing a new theme soon, too, because I’ve basically been using the same theme since I started this adventure in August 2012.

This is all with me deciding to buy a .com and try and turn this blog into a more legitimate site, which is what I’m working towards. Looking forward to what this year holds!

Your not-so-fearless leader,


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